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Manufacture of customer-specific wiring harnesses

Wire and cable processing, cable assembly according to customer needs. Installation and manufacturing of single or multi-core wires, circuit and ribbon cables, battery cables, cable assemblies, coaxial cable processing. We use a variety of connector types for this. Our cable bundles range from simple to quite complex solutions.


Sourcing of electronic components

We have got plenty of experience in global procurement of electronic and electromechanical parts, finding missing – out of stock parts. Additionaly, we can provide substitute alternative parts.

Our custom-made products have already provided our partners valuable solutions in the following areas:


· Production of custom made electrical wires and cables

· Customised development and production of electrical components, terminals, contacts, connectors

· Customised development and production of plastic and zinc products, connection housings


Electronic assembly

Manual assembly, soldering and testing of electromechanical components as required by customer. Technical consulting. Supporting the procurement process for the components required for the assembly.

Engineering and project support

We support our customers through the assessment of their needs, through development, through the prototype and sample preparation phase to series production.

We provide a full range of services:

· Consultation, customer needs assessment

· R&D

· Sample preparation

· Trial series production

· Cable assembly and assembly / production

· logistics

· Storage

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